Rebuilding from the ground up.

It has been a long, crazy ride. I started Mandi’s Muses when I was 16, and built my site on Weebly. Now that I’m older, Weebly just isn’t as robust as I hoped it would be for a growing storefront, so I’m slowly making the transition to WordPress. The shop will be redesigned from the ground up, along with new products galore!

For right now, I’m not moving over the toiletry items. With my aunt being sick and still needing home nurse care, I can’t achieve the standards of biological cleansing I hold myself to, and to me, that means I can’t risk the safety of my clients. Once her home care is over, I will begin a thorough clean and product testing before beginning to take stock of my materials and get back to creating new recipes for everyone to enjoy.

Please give me time to get the dust swept up and the products created and photographed, and I promise you’ll find your perfect new accessory.

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