Blue Lace Agate Peruvian Silver Bracelet

Peruvian silver is a metal that is a mix of zinc, iron, and nickel. The blend of the three metals makes a unique metal which holds well and looks as stunning as sterling silver with the only difference being how much easier it is to maintain. A drop of soap and hot water with a cloth will make it look brand new. The blend of metal makes it so not only is the metal firm, but it also doesn’t tarnish or rust. Peruvian silver is also handmade. When you buy a jewelry made from this type of silver, you know it was handcrafted by Peruvian artists, as there are no other ways to make the delicate loops and folds of the metals.

This bracelet is crafted with Peruvian Silver and Blue Lace Agate gemstones. It is 8.5 in long.


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Blue lace agate is stone that engenders tranquility. In metaphysical lore It is said to assist in flight, grace, reaching higher Spiritual planes, communicating with angels and activating the throat chakra. It is also said to ease the harsh edge of communication in difficult times, enhance public speaking, and smooth discussions. It is an inspiring stone that can assist in inner attunement, and has been used to perform miracles according to mystical lore. As with all agates, it is said to be a protective stone. Physically, in crystal healing, it has been used to aid with arthritis, headaches, colic, digestive issues, growth, throat, immune system, skin (especially eczema), and bones.

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