Aventurine w/Ladybug Charm Bookmark

This bookmark has a handcrafted green aventurine cabochon paired with a silvertone ladybug charm. Silvertone findings.


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Aventurine is said to benefit one in all areas of creativity and imagination, as well as intellect and mental clarity. Lore says that it enhances prosperity and brings career success. It gives a sense of calm and balance and enhances happiness. It also helps one to see alternatives and potentials in all situations, giving a positive outlook, courage and inner strength. It is also said to bring luck, especially in games of chance. Green aventurine is also a mystical stone of prosperity. Aventurine brings friendship to one’s life.

It is also a stone of protective energies. Folklore and metaphysical lore say that physically it is beneficial for blood, circulatory systems, low blood pressure (hypotension), sinus problems, nausea, headaches, general health, migraine headaches, allergies, eczema, fever, and sleep disorders. Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra.

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