When I was younger, I saw The Craft and Practical Magic, and I loved the shops in those movies. Places you could get lost in, find the oddest things in. When I originally started Mandi’s Muses, that’s what my intention was. I planned to have ritual items, altar items, bath and body things, jewelry, parchment prints of Wiccan art, etc.

I started collecting these things before I realized, honestly, I enjoyed making my own items more and didn’t want to have to keep so many things in stock. It’s why the Mandi’s Muses site and business cards still reference “Bewitchments, Baubles, and Brews”, to honor where I started at only 16 years old.

After several health scares and conditions that flare-up with regularity, I realized… I don’t know if I will feel up to the day to day running of a shop, and I refuse to allow my customers to wait on me if I’m not feeling well. Instead of a full-fledged store, I decided to transition to a sale-based one. This way, I can create items as I feel up to it, and run a massive sale when I’ve amassed a stockpile.

A Third Degree Priestess of the Corellian tradition, my studies focused on healing and bettering oneself through natural elements. When I create jewelry, I try to pick elements that work well with each other, and gemstones that work together towards a common goal. Any healing jewelry will have the correspondences of each stone listed, so you can pick the design and function that works best for you.

Looking for something specific? I will still do custom orders, simply contact me!

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