Have you purchased from a Facebook auction or sale of mine? If so, first, thank you so much! Those sales are my “bread and butter” for the year, and pretty much pay for me to stay in business. To pay for your order, please check the invoice I sent you in Facebook messages, then click the button below. Input the total invoice amount, then send! That’s it! Let me know you’ve sent it on Facebook, and I will get it packed up and shipped out. If you’ve won any event raffles or extra presents, those will be included in the box, so be sure to check it for anything you don’t remember ordering.

Please note, there was a snafu and I have to use my Mandi’s Muses Paypal for my author things, so the link will go to my Buckeye Bellas Paypal. This is the correct one, and is still me! I just have to have two, because one is for craft stuff and one is for author stuff.

It also says “Donation”. Due to the new IRS rules, this is the safest way to handle auction payments so that they aren’t included in my regular sales line items, as they count as items I already have on hand and are a “garage sale” type item and NOT taxable sales but Paypal doesn’t separate them unless I do it this way. Since it was too hard to constantly switch to Friends & Family for payments and many forgot, this is the easiest way to do it to avoid the auction sales dinging me for extra taxes on top of what I already pay since I buy my blanks retail! 🙂 

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